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As much as one could fit into paragraphs.
「It's not vanilla. It's different.」

Born and raised in the lovely town Rotenburg an der Fulda in Germany, I was looking for a job when I was done with school. After some time without avail, I decided I'd best set out to larger cities, heading for Frankfurt am Main, finance capital of the country.

I was provided with an opportunity to start working at a newly founded company, which supported a finance institute with their communication technology. I went through many roles and positions in the following years, ending up designing and managing global services.

After several published articles on diverse spaces in the internet and regular participation in social networks, I have founded the blogging platform TechAcute in 2014 to share things, that are interesting to me. Shortly after others joined and we keep posting ever since. The mission of TechAcute is to connect, inform and educate our readers all over the world.


Awards and achievements I humbly accepted